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Heat Exchangers
WITT spray chiller BVKF 
Tube and shell heat exchanger with minimum refrigerant charge and maximum operation safety.
WITT spray chillers are used when
  • cooling close to the freezing point is required
  • the vessel should be cleaned due to a risk of fouling
  • low temperature applications create
  • high vapor volumes

Advantages at a glance:
  • integrated surge drum
  • low refrigerant charge (ca. 200g/kW)
  • high heat transfer (up to 10 kW/m²)
  • capable of very small temperature differences (< 1 K)
  • best protection against freezing due to minimum evaporation once the pumps are stopped
  • WITT oil recovery WOR prevents oil residue and ensures good heat transfer
  • no gaskets between refrigerant and coolant
  • good cleaning ability

Standard scope of supply
  • Tube and shell heatexchanger with spray system and integrated surge drum and all required connections
  • frost pipe or standpipe
  • WITT-refrigerant pumps, incl. down leg
  • frame with wooden support
  • WITT oil recovery

Accessories (optional)

WITT fully welded plate and shell heat exchangers
enable a fully hermetic execution of the refrigeration system.

WITT plate and shell heat exchangers are selected when:
- coolants with high viscosity are used
- low temperatures with no gaskets are allowed 
- a very compact design is required
- flooded operation is prefered
Advantages at a glance
- fully welded execution without gaskets stands for unrivalled safety
- Round design enables very compact construv´ction also for flooded operation
- efficient heat transfer enables high capacities even at small temperature differences 
- reduced refrigerant charge
- many coolants possible

Possible executions
- flooded evaporator PVS incl. top mounted high efficiency surge drum and oil recovery
- plate and shell heat exchanger for pump operation PVP
- Plate and shell condenser PK
- Thermo-Syphon oilcooler PÖ
- othe plate and shell heat exchangers upon request

Accessories (optional)
HP-Float regulator HR
- stand pipe with level control
WITT maximum level switch NGX



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