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A long time player in the refrigeration industry, Parker Hannifin continues to grow and incorporate a larger selection of control valves into their product line. In addition to their own R/S brand, Parker now manufactures and carries Flo-Con, HERL, and Sporlan.

Refrigerating Specialties

A division of Parker Hannifin, Refrigerating Specialties has been manufacturing and distributing refrigeration control valves for 87 years.  From industrial pressure regulators, solenoids, liquid level controls, safety relief, and hand shut-off valves to commercial regulators and solenoids, Refrigerating Specialties has a solution for your needs.

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Flo Con

Dedicated to the commercial market, Flo Con valves provide effective control in a compact size. Meant for use with halocarbons, the Flo Con line consists of pressure regulators, solenoid valves, check valves, and liquid level controls.

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Known for their reliable valves and components, Sporlan's custom engineered products meet the demands of design engineers world wide. Their experienced team of design and development engineers is backed by a state of the art lab testing facility to do what it takes to develops the product you need for concept to completion.

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A German company which has been acquired by the Parker Refrigerative Specialties Division, HERL specializes in high quality valves for the food and chemical industry, and for production, transport and storage. Their high quality in materials and workmanship means HERL valves will last the test of time.

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