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AirAlert 96d
AirAlert 96dActing as the nerve center of a modular gas detection network, this multichannel system provides continuous monitoring of up to 96 sensors.
Features and Benefits
  • Simple push-button program facilitates adjustment
  • Supports any combination of Honeywell Analytics gas sensors
  • Immediate, at-a-glance status

Product Overview

The Manning AirAlertTM 96d multichannel gas monitoring system is designed for installation and operational simplicity for continuous monitoring and control of toxic gases, combustible gases and Oxygen hazards.

The Manning AirAlert™ 96d can support up to 96 sensors and relay modules and provides unique at-a-glance system status and can be maintained with ease using the menu driven push button controls.

This easy to use system can be completely customized in an industrial or commercial application by using any combination of Honeywell Analytics sensors. The Manning AirAlert™ 96d has the potential to complete plant control systems by operating independently, interfacing with it to create a reliable stand-alone safety system.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Garage Ventilation Control
  • IAQ Control
  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection Monitoring
  • Zoned Valve Cut-off Control

96 Sensor Capacity

  • Supports up to 96 network devices
  • Three distinct channels act as the nerve center of a modular gas detection network

Menu-Driven Program

  • Easily fine-tune applications ranging from minor operational sequences to reconfiguration of entire network
  • Simple push-button program facilitates adjustments


  • Supports any combination of Honeywell Analytics gas sensors, including NH3, CO2, H2, CO, Cl2, CFC’s, HCFC’s, HFC’s, CH4, O2, NO2, and more
  • Field-programmable alarm levels for each sensor
  • Zoning capability allows for up to 126 zones

Immediate At-a-Glance Status

  • 122 x 32 alphanumeric LCD display provides continuous information for the entire network

Automatic Datalogging Capability

  • Controller provides automatic datalogging within cast aluminum enclosure
  • Sensor concentrations and alarms is recorded for analysis

Easy Installation

  • Cost is reduced by addressable RS-485 MODBUS communication protocol
  • Installation requires only two pairs of wires to connect each gas sensors and relay modules to one of the controller’s three input channels

Centralized Information

  • Interface with or function individually with plant control


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