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Hydronic Kelvion Heat Exchangers
FP Series, Fluid to Fluid
FP Series, Fluid to Fluid

The FP Series is designed for a wide variety of Industrial fluid to fluid, gas to fluid and other applications requiring exacting heat transfer performance. Process Applications include:

- Process Heating
- Process Cooling
- Glycol to water
- Gas to Fluid
- Gas to Gas
- Close Approach applications
- Engine Cooling
- Oil Cooling
- Special Fluids & Gases
- Shell/tube Replacements

Capable of 80F to 100F approach to as low as 30F approach for the larger models. Totally sealed 316L stainless steel construction, copper brazed with a high performance heat transfer surface to promote low fouling. From 1/2 to 200 gpm models, and larger sizes to 400 gpm. ALL models have MPT male pipe thread connections (up to 200 gpm) and mounting stud bolts. Rated at 450 psi working pressure, both sides. U.L. Listed, European TUV and optional ASME code construction.

For OEM applications, the FP Series can be customized with exacting fittings and other configurations for easy integration in equipment packages.


FPN Series

All Stainless, Nickel Brazed. The FPN is similar to the FP Series, except that it is Nickel brazed and is perfect for many applications. The FPN utilizes 316L Stainless Steel is ideal de-ionized water, solvents and other applications. Rated at 300 psi working pressure.


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