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S81 Solenoid ValveS8 solenoid valves are flexible by design, suitable for discharge gas applications or as a liquid feed valve. S8 solenoid valves can also be applied on a low side (suction line) application. If (S)PORT pressure regulators are being considered, however, on a supermarket rack system for example, the Refrigerating Specialties "SC" solenoid valve would be a better option (see description below) as suction shut-off devices. Overall, the design of the S8 solenoid valve with regards to its major components, complements that of the A8 regulator. That is, the valve bodies, cartridge assemblies, solenoid operators, and solenoid coils are identical to those used on the A8 regulator line. The same class "H" coil and general purpose coil housing which are standard throughout the A8 regulator line are supplied with the S8 solenoid. Along with the A8 line of regulators, solenoid coils with DIN connectors are also available.


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