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CK Check ValvesCK4A in line check valves are versatile spring closing disc check valves, used for most hot gas and liquid line applications. The CK4 series of check valves are a flanged family of check valves, utilizing a gasketed refrigeration style tongue-and-groove ODS flange for commercial applications. Eight port sizes are available ranging from 1/2" (13mm) through 4" (100mm).  Up through and including the 2" port size valve, three different ODS connection sizes are available for each port size valve to accommodate a reduced capacity valve in larger lines. All valves are made to tight seat leakage specifications, utilizing a lapped metal-to-metal seat design. The pressure drop required to open the valve fully is about .75 psi. Because of it's spring closing design, CK4 check valves can be intalled in both vertical and horizontal pipe lines.


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